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Tip of the Week: Souper, Super Easy!

Souper, Super Easy

A couple weekends ago, a few of girlfriends and I got away for the weekend. Our spouses and kids stayed at home to run the rat race which seems to be our weekends these days. We took off for a lake cottage. In October, there are quite a few less people frolicking about in the water and sunshine. It was quiet and we had the opportunity to reconnect with each other. In order to accomplish this, we took several steps to prepare. None of them were hard, and at least one was souper, super easy!

1) We turned off our cell phones and left the other electronic devices that guide (demand) our time at home. I admit, I did check it each night before turning in, and promptly when I got up. But, I did not check it each time it dinged because with it off, it doesn’t ding!
2) We potlucked, leaving little food preparation that had to be done while we were away. Do you remember that soup can be an entire meal (or two!)? We dined on two different soups, and with crackers we had plenty. I had forgotten how easy soup can be, especially when using a crockpot.
3) We listened to each other. In this fast-paced, get-it-done-yesterday world, we stopped talking over one another and actually had the time and energy to hear what the others were saying.
4) We looked out the window and were reminded why Indiana is the place to be in the fall with the beautifully changing leaves (or winter with the snow, or spring with the new leaves). Then, either alone, or with a couple of friends we went for a walk and the bright sunshine and fresh air were rejuvenating.
5) We laughed, and laughed, and laughed. It was like we were in college again. No cares, no clocks, just ‘sisters’ who made the time to remember silliness.

Once it came time to pack and head home, I really was ready to get back to the kids and hubby. The slower pace we had just practiced reminded me to see them, to look at their eyes and watch their smiles. By reconnecting with my friends, I was able to breathe a bit. That is too often missing from my normal M-F routine.

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Tip of the Week: Together, We Eat

This Week’s Featured Recipe

Following last week’s festivities, it can be said, “Together, we eat.”

Yet, the family table project, in its second year strives to make it, “together, we eat better.” But how do we transfer from one to the other? It is no secret that we snack together over football and the holidays, or we sit down together for a meal several times a week – that’s great. But, it is just the beginning.

Several years ago, another couple, my husband and I went out for dinner to a popular Italian restaurant. As we were sharing our salad, and later splitting our dessert, we turned to one another and made a joke that, years later, still stands. I honestly do not eat at that restaurant, to this day, without thinking about that meal.

Yes, the food was good. But it was the sharing and the conversation that made that night. And this same sticking power is reinforced at your dinner table with the meals you have with family and friends. Conversation starts with shared interests, and time investments. Need some ideas? Try our list of conversation starters.

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