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Tip of the Week: National Nutrition Week


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March is National Nutrition Month with this year’s theme: Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right.  Let’s write ENJOY in capital letters!

Are you enjoying what you’re eating?  How about the rest of your family? If you’re not passionate about your food and diet (and consequently your health), ask yourself why.

If it’s grocery shopping you dislike, make the chore easier with a weekly list – download one or use a smartphone app.  If one family member likes shopping, send him or her – it’s a good math, budgeting and organization lesson.  If you’re trying to better connect with your teen, invite him/her to shop with you; important conversations bloom from spending time together.

If you’re serving the same foods week in and out, gather the family and give them an assignment to come up with a new dish they’d like to see on the family table.  On-line resources are plentiful; can help with categories like “low cal and loving it” to “three courses in thirty minutes”.  You can gather a “month of ideas” from

Or is cooking holding you back? Invite the rest of the family into the kitchen to cook together; it can be a great stress buster transition from work/school to home while teaching a vital life skill.

But, if it’s the taste of healthy foods you’re not enjoying, consider that practice gets us to our goal in every endeavor so why not apply that to improving our diets?

How about this for a quick weeknight meal:  Egg salad sandwiches.  Use your favorite egg salad recipe; healthy  add-ins might include finely chopped celery, red pepper, carrots or all three.  Use your favorite bread; we like our egg salad on toasted sour dough with lettuce.  We add a fruit so we have four of the food groups in one meal. Ready in 15 minutes, faster than you can go through the drive-thru!!


Marcia Crawford, MS, RDN

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