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Tip of the Week: Earth Day


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It seems like, in a flash this past weekend, the world became green! After so many weeks of dull gray skies and brown, dead grass everything is suddenly a bright, shiny green. And, our family went crazy – especially the kids. To be honest, my husband isn’t much of an outdoor guy – we’ve always joked he’s more likely to garden online than to mow the grass or garden. I think this is just fine, as I don’t like to grocery shop, or cook, really.  Years ago, we traded these tasks. Somehow though, our kids LOVE to be outside, which I think is great – for their health, and for building independence, and to appreciate the space we’ve been blessed with. So, this past weekend, the kids started their own garden – complete with flowers borrowed from the neighbor and worms they dug themselves. (Their grandpa is so proud!)

As they began their project, I worked a bit at the leaves left from last year and to unearth the daffodils poking through their winter coverings of last year’s mulch and died-down plants. I’m not a big gardener, in fact, I call myself a black thumb, but I do try. We don’t have anything in our gardens that wouldn’t be considered hardy! As we messed around with a list of what needs done as April rolls through, the calendar reminded me that next week, on Monday, April 22, is Earth Day. When I brought this up at dinner, the kids wanted to find some way to celebrate this year.

After digging around for local events, we found that our family and yours can help show your support for the environment at the Eagle Marsh, just off the trailhead in Fort Wayne. To celebrate, they are holding an event that includes free workshops and demonstrations. This is a great event to teach your family about the different ways to protect our environment or “going green,” including recycling, cleaning up trash in the neighborhood, or working to promote clean and clear water. My kids cannot wait!

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