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Three Secrets to Healthy Eating


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What’s the secret to making healthy nutritional choices? A new report analyzing 112 studies found that most healthy eaters did so because 1. A restaurant, grocery store, spouse or parent made foods like fruits and vegetables visible and easy to reach; 2 Healthy choices were enticingly displayed,and looked good; 3. Healthy choices were the easy, obvious choice.  This makes sense – we probably aren’t going to go looking in the fridge for an apple when there is a plate of delicious looking cookies sitting on the counter.

To help ourselves, and our family, make healthy choices, we can remember these concepts and put the healthy foods front and center in our line of vision, and put the less healthy foods out of sight.  We also need to make the healthy foods look good and be easy to prepare – we may have peppers and hummus in the fridge to snack on, but if the peppers aren’t sliced, we will most likely just grab a bag of tortilla chips to dip in the hummus rather than taking the time to slice the peppers.  Having fruits and veggies pre-sliced will make them the easy choice.

I had to laugh a little when I read this study because we practice these concepts in our house, but it’s mainly to hide food from the teenager.  If I buy ice cream, I can guarantee it will be gone in a day unless I hide it in the back of the freezer behind the bags of veggies!

Here is a link to the study.


Holli Seabury

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Tip of the Week: School Night Meal Planning

School is literally right around the corner…you may be asking, where did the summer go? (me, too!)

In many cases, this makes a routine more likely for our family. On the bus at 8:30, off the bus at 4:00, homework before TV, dinner at 6:15. Oh, and all those other school activities, Back to School Nights, book fairs, athletic practices, etc. Not to mention homework. Getting it all done, and food on the table can be a challenge. Here’s some great tips for how to plan for school night meals.

All the fun doesn’t have to end with school starting. There are some great activities coming up throughout our region that promote celebrating our community spirit. Food is generally an important part of any festival. Plus, attending events as a family encourages togetherness.

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