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Tip of the Week: Picnic Family Fun!


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Wow, Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching! Finally, after the long winter months and a budding spring, the “official start of summer” is just around the corner.

This time of year always makes me think of my years growing up in southwestern Pennsylvania. Mom was always eager for summer weather and the start of summer break from school. Memorial Day weekends, as well as several other days over the summer, were lazy days full of family, friends and picnics. My mom loved a good picnic! At times she went all out with planning food for the picnic. From different salads and vegetable dishes to pulling out the charcoal grill, the food was good and plentiful.  At those times, the backyard was full of adults and children talking and having a good time.

My other memory is of other smaller picnics. Sometimes just Mom and we kids, or on weekends, Dad would join us. They would wake us up in the morning and say, “Girls, get out of bed. We are going on a picnic today!” Those were the best picnics! Usually the food on these days was a little simpler. Mom packed what we had in the refrigerator. Egg salad or peanut butter sandwiches, carrots and celery sticks and some kind of summer fruit like fresh peaches or a melon she had cut that morning. The food was always different, but always tasted great when enjoyed on a blanket outside! As kids, we had the job of packing our toys or things to do for the day. At times we would need our swim suits, but we usually always took a Frisbee, whiffle bat and ball, and even a deck of cards.

Now as an adult, I look back and remember these days as some of the best times with my family. Just being together, talking and laughing while enjoying our meal and getting to spend time with Mom and Dad, playing games and running around! Those simple, sometimes spontaneous times were the best!

I have kept up the picnic tradition with my own family. I take a simple picnic lunch to sporting events my children are in or, on a long vacation drive we pack a sack lunch to eat at a rest stop. My teenagers already laugh and share stories of some of their favorite family picnic memories! It doesn’t take much to make or plan the picnic but the fun memories are plentiful!

Twila Smith
Administrative Assistant, Mom of 2

Tip of the Week: Family Picnic


This Week’s Featured Recipe

The warm summer weather means we can make family memories by moving the family table outside for a picnic lunch or dinner! This summer’s weather has been unpredictable, so we need to be ready to take advantage of a sunny day. To make picnicking on the spur of the moment easier, have a picnic basket packed and ready to go with:

·Plastic or disposable plates and cups;

·Plastic silverware and napkins;

·A blanket to spread on the ground;

·A Frisbee or soccer ball for some family fun;

·Sunscreen and bug spray.

In the freezer, keep some reusable ice packs so you can quickly put food and drinks in your cooler, and not have to deal with the mess of ice. You can make your own ice packs by freezing water in plastic water bottles, but make sure to leave room at the top of the bottle because the water will expand as it freezes.

There are many other great ideas for picnics and lots of recipes. Instead of a high calorie, sugary dessert, try one of our staff favorites: frozen grapes. Keep your picnic basket ready to go and don’t forget to take some pictures while you are making family memories!


Holli Seabury, CEO, wife and mom of 7

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