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Tip of the Week: Decorative Gourds

This Week’s Featured Recipe

Last week, Linda, our Program Manager, brought in a bunch of those funny-shaped, bright colored gourds. She’d picked some up for her family at a local farm store and had some to share. (She’s so great for things like that!) Knowing my kids would love them, I took a couple home. Luckily, they were just as excited as I thought they might be, but I was surprised when they asked if we could cook them. I really had no idea.

I usually think of their strange colors and shapes as great for decorations, or for the kids to draw on them, or we make silly crafts. But eat them – I’d never considered it.

After doing a Google search, I discovered the Home & Garden Ideas site which says, “Yes, to certain kinds.” I have to tell you, I still haven’t tried it yet. I personally would rather draw them than eat them. Or, roasted pumpkin seeds are more my speed. But, if any of you (or your family or friends) are brave and try it, we’d love to hear about it on our Facebook page!
– Frances

P.S. If any of you will be at Go Red For Women on Thursday, please stop by our booth and say, “Hi!”

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