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Tip of the Week: Dental Health Month

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Did you know children who eat meals with their family are more likely to brush their teeth?  When I heard this it seemed a little odd, since I know at my family table tooth brushing isn’t often brought up in conversation.  Turns out that it’s because parents who eat with their children are better bonded with them and take care of them better, both medically and dentally.

February is Dental Health Month; a great conversation starter at the family table is to talk about your experiences with the Tooth Fairy as a child, and how your children’s experiences are different.  If grandparents are around, get them involved in the conversation too.  My husband grew up in England and instead of putting teeth under the pillow, he put his baby teeth in a Tooth Fairy Box, a small sterling silver box with a fairy on top of it.  When we received one of these at our first child’s christening, I had no idea what it was, much to the amusement of his family!

Teeth love calcium, and while there is calcium in dairy products, some vegetables like spinach are also a good source of calcium.  Try serving a spinach salad with your meal this week – let your kids put it together and choose the toppings.

Holli Seabury, CEO

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