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Tip of the Week: Live Healthy Live Well

As you head out for the fall festival lineup that this part of the country is known for, here are a few tips from Live Healthy Live Well for making healthy choices:

Make sure you eat healthy in the days leading up to your trip, and eat a healthy breakfast before you go.

Wear comfortable walking shoes to encourage burning off any extra calories you and your family consume. The Fashion Police won’t be checking to make sure you have cute sandals on that look great, but kill your feet.

Pack a bag or small insulated cooler with water bottles, fresh fruit, cereal bars, pretzels, nuts, and fresh veggies in it. If you have a healthy snack, you won’t be so tempted to over-do at meal time. For example, freeze grapes or blueberries and pack them in an insulated bowl as an easy finger food to carry along.

Plan to refill your water bottle someplace at the festival – you will save lots of money and calories that way.

Scout out all of the food choices before you decide what to eat. Do this by walking around the area – you will burn more calories, and find out all of your choices.

Try your best to skip the fried foods. Do you really need to try the fried, batter covered cookie, buckeye, candy bar, or cheese?? If you have decided that you really need to try the new food – be sure to share or split the portion. Most funnel cakes will probably serve 4 to 6 people.

Look for a main dish or sandwich that is grilled or broiled. While you aren’t going to get a whole serving veggies by doing it, make sure you have the lettuce and tomato on your sandwich, it all adds up.

Skip the sundae or large milk shake this year and look for a fruit smoothie made with real fruit. But, be sure to get the small size without any whipped cream.

Most of all – have fun with your family! The sights at local festivals will make for great conversation starters in the weeks following. My kids are still talking about how they saw the cannon being shot at the Johnny Appleseed Festival!

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