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Tip of the Week: Basic Cooking

I remember trying to help my mom in the kitchen when I was younger, but it wasn’t until a couple years ago that I was actually able to make things that were edible. This is probably when I finally stopped burning the majority of things I cooked! Fortunately for myself (and my boyfriend) I have learned how to prepare and cook some pretty delicious meals.
A big part of cooking good food starts with basic skills like knowing how to cut fruits and vegetables, and how to cook meats like chicken or pork. Knowing the basics helped me become more confident in the kitchen and save on prep time. (It probably saved me a finger, too!)
There are so many different ways to prepare foods that it can be a bit overwhelming at first. Try following some simple step-by-step tips and recipes (with pictures!) to help even the most confused cooks. Not interested in reading a cookbook? Try YouTube. Find great ideas for quick meals, using just a few steps, such as Cooking Tips for Moms: Fast & Healthy Dinner Ideas for Your Family where she shows how to prepare roasted chicken and vegetables in just a few simple steps. Or, try Steamed Veggies. It is also a great place to look up how to slice or peel different fruits and vegetables, and learn about various cooking techniques.
Trust me, if at first you don’t succeed, try again; cooking is learned from trial and error!

– Britny, McMillen Center Intern

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